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Includes coupon layering, Craigslist finds, eBay finds, Amazon specials, etc. Sam Adams Utopias clone??? Feb 8, 94 1 Illinois. Posted Mar 16, May 8, 1, 16 Nashua, NH. Jan 9, 3. Apr 2, 1, 9 West Palm, FL. May 21, 20, Adams, MA. Feb 25, 98 3 Kalamazoo, MI. Posted Mar 17, Mar 29, 2, 12 Milton.

Posted Apr 29, Aug 28, 66 1. Sep 16, 1 Old Bridge, NJ. Posted Apr 30, Jul 24, 14, Southwest. Jul 13, 9 Polokwane. Posted Feb 16, Apr 22, 36 Southern, NJ. I went in a non-believer.

I came out convinced. The Sam Can may not be an earth-shaking development, but the difference is real. Still, drink your beer from a glass. Samuel Adams Utopias is one of those legendary beers. Those others — the Tactical Nuclear Penguins and Schorschbocks of the world — cheat with freeze distillation.

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Part of the Utopias legend is rarity and cost. They make only 15, bottles and each 24 oz. Utopias is a blend of liquids. High-test brews from many different barrels — some of which have been aging for nearly 20 years — are brought together to complete the final brew. Some of that original Triple Bock from the s is reportedly part of the mix. The result is an uncarbonated, spirituous elixir that is more like cognac or port wine than beer; a brew to sip from a special glass, two ounces at a time.

Utopias has been released in odd-numbered years since There was a batch in , but they called it something else. Because it is a blend, every edition is somewhat different from the others.

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While all have been extraordinary and luxurious, some have been better than others. Although it was an even-numbered year, Sam Adams released Utopias in It was the 10 th -anniversary edition. For Samuel Adams Utopias, was a very good year. Aroma : Every time it comes to my nose there is a different sensation — some extremely pleasant, some less so.

Wooden barrel — very woody in fact. Old musty cedar. Vaporous alcohol. Mineral spirits. Dried cherries and raisins. Chocolate comes in as it opens up. Really, there is so much going on that all I can do is list. Flavor : Lip numbing with the first sip and the alcohol warms all the way down.

It even stings a bit. Let your saliva blend in to mellow it out. There is so much fruit here; a surprising amount. That gives way to darker fruits — plums, prunes, dates, and raisins. But that cherry never quite lets go. Rum and maple linger all the way into the finish. As it opens up in the glass some tootsie-roll chocolate note appear and hang on long after the swallow. Combined with the cherry it give the impression of tart and boozy chocolate covered cherry bon bons. Grown only in Bavaria and the Czech Republic, these noble hops are prized for their spicy, herbal, and floral aromatic properties.

They provide the signature flavors and aromas of German lagers and pilsners. While most lagers make use of one or two of the noble hops, the brewers at Sam Adams blended all five to make this new beer. Noble Pils won the votes of over 67, drinkers, giving it a place in the regular lineup. Last year Noble Pils was released as a new spring seasonal beer.

I first tried it last January while standing in the snow on a wet, frigid evening at the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival event in St. I loved it. I went back for multiple samples. I still love it. What can I say? Aroma : Grainy, pie-crust pilsner malt leads. Light perfume and floral hop notes overlay. Subtle sulfur underneath.

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Appearance : Golden color with brilliant clarity. Moderate, fine-bubbled, white head is moderately persistent. Flavor : Hops lead off with spicy, herbal, and floral notes; pepper and licorice. Some very interesting baby-aspirin orange overtones. The grainy malt sweetness stays underneath to just offer support, but comes in stronger mid-palate.

Sharply bitter on the finish. Overall Impression : I just plain like this beer. I have since the first time I tried it. And I love the hints of orange that wind their way through the flavor. I have lots of it in the cellar and that makes me happy.

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I am unclear whether this means they used honey or honey malt. Aroma : Citrus and grassy hops with undertones of sweet berries and pineapple. Lightly sweet and biscuity English-style malt. English yeast fruitiness opens up as the beer warms. Appearance : Amber and crystal clear. Moderate off-white head that persisted only moderately.

Flavor : Kicks off with medium-high bitterness that lingers long into the finish. This bitterness first had a harshness that smoothed out as the beer warmed.

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Hop flavors present an interesting mix of earthy, floral, and spice, with hints of lemony citrus. Sweet caramel and biscuit malt balances the hops and claims top placement mid-palate. Finish is dry, lingering on hop bitterness and flavor that sticks around long after swallowing. The malt character and yeast fruitiness definitely reflects the English style. The hops present a blend of European, English, and American flavors that lend the beer some interest.